Jovani Batad (Audit & Assurance Manager at Navarro Amper & Co.)

Jovani Batad

Audit & Assurance Manager at Navarro Amper & Co.

Jovani is currently a Manager under Technical Research Group of Audit & Assurance department. He
earned his proficiency on PFRS, PFRS for SMEs, PSAs and SRC Rule 68 from over 6 years of
trainings, mentorships and professional experiences stretching from audit and assurance, business
advisory, taxation and other non-assurance engagements from industries like manufacturing,
pharmaceutical, car dealership, travel and tours, IT solutions-provider and telecommunication
company. He is not only responsible for the review of the firm’s accounting alert, the model FS and
other publications on financial reporting matters, he also provide insightful recommendations about
a broad range of business process and technical accounting issues on a timely manner. The firm
regarded him as a Subject Matter Resource Person for PFRS 15 Revenue from Contract with
Customers, PFRS 16 Leases and SEC regulations. He finished a Diploma course in IFRS conferred
upon by the International Federation of Professional Managers.
In 2017, he became part of the team created to assess the accounting impact of IFRS 15 to two of
the largest telecommunication service-providers—one in the Philippines and another in Indonesia.
Aside from the assistance on project management, he was heavily involved in modelling analysis to
bridge the gap between the requirements of the IFRS 15 against the current IT system used by
these telecoms in financial reporting. Later that year, he spearheaded an advisory team primary
responsible in understanding the business model and product offerings of a multinational IT
solutions-provider in the Philippines. Together with his team, he created models on how the
requirements of PFRS 15 fits into the current accounting system and processes. From this, his team
was able to devise a framework for the entity to make accounting policies in accordance with the
new revenue accounting standard.
He is a Certified Public Accountants (CPA) who believes that a great leader is someone who shares
his passion for knowledge and inspire his teammate’s creativity and critical thinking to prepare
them for the great leader they will become.