Session 1

• Introduction
Enumeration of the basic and other related laws on labor, study of the Constitutional and Civil Code provisions on labor, the concept of Social Justice and the basic policy of the State on labor

• The elements to be considered in determining the existence of employer-employee relationship

Definition of the words Employee and Employer; The selection and engagement of the employee; the payment of wages; the power of dismissal and the employer’s power to control the employee with respect to the means and methods by which the work is to be accomplished

• Conditions of Employment

Hours of Work, Coverage, Normal Hours of Work, Hours Worked, Meal Periods, Night Shift Differential, Overtime Work, Undertime Not Off-set by Overtime, Emergency Overtime Work, Computation of Additional Compensation, Weekly Rest Periods, Right to Weekly Rest Day, When Employer May Require Work On a Rest Day, Compensation for Rest Day, Sunday or Holiday Work, Holidays, Service Incentive Leaves and Service Charges, Wages, Prohibition Against Elimination or Diminution of Benefits, Payment by Results, Payment of Wages

Lunch Break
Session 2

• Continuation of the discussion on the topic Conditions of Employment

Contractor or Sub-Contractor and Indirect Employer
Job Contractor, Labor-only Contractor, Solidary Liability

Worker preference in case of bankruptcy, Attorney’s fees

Prohibitions regarding Wages

Wage Studies, Wage Agreements and Wage Determination

National Wages and Productivity Commission, Regional Tripartite Wages and
Productivity Boards, Wage Order, Standards/Criteria for Minimum Wage Fixing, Freedom to Bargain, Prohibition Against Injunction, Non-diminution of Benefits

Administration and Enforcement

Recovery of Wages, Simple Money Claims and other benefits
Nightwork Prohibition, Exceptions, Facility for Women, Maternity Leave Benefits, Family Planning Services, Incentives for Family Planning, Discrimination Prohibited, Stipulation against Marriage, Prohibited Acts, Classification of Certain Women Workers, Employment of Minors, Distribution of Homework

• Separation and Retirement Pay

• Other Related Laws

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