In 2018, Republic Act No. 1963 or the TRAIN Law and various Revenue Regulations have been issued to implement it (i.e. Income Tax, Value Added tax, Estate and Donor's Taxes, Withholding Taxes, etc). Very recently, the implementing Revenue Regulations for Republic Act No.11213 (Amnesty) were issued.

These frequent amendments in our tax laws implemented through Revenue Regulations and the various issuances of the BIR like Revenue Memorandum Circulars and Revenue Memorandum Orders on various compliance requirements and enhancements in processes and procedures make it imperative to keep accounting practitioners and company accountants, bookkeepers and tax agents updated on issuances on taxation.

This seminar has been designed to help them in levelling up and getting updated to avoid violations resulting to deficiency taxes and penalties of their clients and/or employers. The participants will be able to demonstrate knowledge, skills and understanding specifically on latest statutes on taxation and the implementing rules and regulation of the BIR.

The seminar will help the participants address some of the frequently asked questions relative to the compliance requirements available under existing tax laws, rules and regulations, other issuances, and the compliance with the specific documentary requirements


Estelita Aguirre

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