This program provides tax guidelines for individuals and businesses engaged in real estate activities. The guides cover all relevant Revenue Regulations and Memoranda on Real Estate tax, donors tax, capital gains tax and other tax rulings. Recent revisions arising from tax laws and regulations issued by the BIR are incorporated in this program.

This training is designed to provide the participants basic knowledge on various recent issuances by BIR that will provide competency in handling transactions of their clients properly and complying with BIR requirements with the end in view of avoiding erroneous assessments by BIR examiners.

This program is designed for businessmen, tax practitioners and tax agents who engage themselves in providing advice to clients regarding their tax obligations. The intended output is a comprehensive tax plan that addresses taxation matters, such as income tax, withholding tax, value added tax, other tax updates, disclosures in the financial statements, and the relevant Revenue Regulations and Memoranda. Summarized in this program are the tax developments, new revenue regulations amending certain provisions in the Tax Code that affect current tax practice, tax rulings, and all types of taxes that need to be considered in a comprehensive tax planning.


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